5-10% of people retain information through data.


65-70% of people retain information through story.


This is the only piece of data that you need to remember.  



Communicate an authentic narrative.



Tell Me A Story will transform your approach to public speaking.

Through the art of storytelling, you will become a confident, skilled speaker with the power to move audiences in a deep way.

Discover the small moments that tell big stories.

For those looking to overcome their fear of public speaking and master the art of storytelling outside of the workplace, we offer one-on-one sessions. Need a more DIY approach? Check out our catalogue of online courses through Skillshare

Don't be afraid to speak up.

We'll teach you to engage your listeners, infuse humor that's true to who you are, and deliver a memorable pitch, presentation, or performance.


Change the way your company communicates. Take a deep dive into professional development with full day workshops, storytelling residencies, and interactive presentations for you and your team


Everyone has a story worth sharing, we'll show you how.



See a show and learn from the people who do it best. Perhaps even tell a story yourself! We host live storytelling events at Shot Tower Coffee and in collaboration with Philadelphia's top arts and culture organizations.



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