Whether you are a public figure or a first time public speaker, you can use stories from your own life — your failures AND your successes -- to engage and connect with your audience. Deliver a message, your data, or historical fact in a way that will make us stick with you. 

Wow, 2016 flew by. It's hard to believe that we produced 6 Tell Me A Story live shows at Shot Tower Coffee, three Fibber shows with Good Good Comedy and a special event Tell Me A Story at Arden Theatre Company. It was truly hard to choose our favorite stories from 2016. But we did it.

In no particular order, here is our Top Ten storytelling moments of 2016:

I was teaching a workshop yesterday and I made the statement, “Every time I listen to someone tell a story, and once I have finished listening to them, I grow to like them, understand them, and want to know them even more.” There has only been one story in hundreds, maybe thousands, where I did not feel this way. It wasn’t until after I made the statement, that I marveled at my own statistic.