Professional doesn’t have to mean dull. 

Say farewell to boring power point presentations, rambling introductions and mundane conversations about the weather. Say hello to storytelling.

We will help you find a comfortable, confident, and energizing way to communicate with clients, colleagues, and customers.

What we offer:

Interactive presentations perfect for conference breakout sessions, department lunch and learns, and continuing education for your professional networks.

Strategic workshops for your team. Learn the foundations of storytelling, or focus on a specific need like storytelling for advocacy or leadership.

Storytelling residencies for deep team-building and leadership work. Sign on for three months, six months, or a full year of fully customizable programming. 

One-on-one coaching sessions for your employees. Do you have a colleague who suffers from stage fright during company meetings and presentations? We will work with them to conquer the fear, step up to the plate, and have fun sharing stories with their audience.


Companies we've worked with:

I came in thinking I wanted to use these tools to be a better marketer. I still do. But, getting to know my co-workers better was much more rewarding.
— Dave, Penn Jersey Paper Company

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about the program, how it related to the conference and what the outcomes would be... By the end of the workshop I had crafted a story that thread through my professional and personal journey, a story that I tell again and again to advocate for my organization and for the arts.

When I look back at the experience, I think the most interesting take away is the imprint the story that I crafted has left on me. The process itself is an exercise in reflection and because of that it really resonates.
— Tracy, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

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