Storytelling Residency


Spend a 3 months, 6 months or 1 year with Tell Me A Story.

We've developed a training program that brings value to your employees, your brand, and your customers. 


Looking to change the way your company communicates? Tell Me A Story offers a customizable quarterly, half-year and full-year immersive storytelling programs. Boost your public speaking skills, foster synergy amongst team members, and strengthen leadership. 

Your residency includes:

  • 60 minute interactive presentation for all employees that introduces everyone to Tell Me A Story's methodology and philosophy. 
  • 1/2 day workshops for teams of 15 or less. (We can book enough workshops to cover all employees.)
  • Monthly email with storytelling resources, activities, and tips. 
  • Monthly storytelling meet-ups for employees that want to put their stories into practice. 

 You can add:

  • A live storytelling event featuring stories from within your company plus a few special guest storytellers. (Great for holiday parties!)
  • Consultation sessions to for brand story development. Align your company's story with individual stories of those who make it happen. 

Residencies start at $20,000. Contact us for further details.