Storytelling that sticks



Tell Me A Story will introduce you to a new way of public speaking. Communicate true stories, build relationships with your clients, and connect to your audience like never before.


Have you ever given a memorized speech that fell flat? Noticed people checking their phones? We'll teach you to engage your audience,  infuse humor into any story, and craft a memorable performance.


Tell Me A Story equips you with the skills to share personal experiences with a message — whether it's on stage, in a classroom, or at work.


Every story is worth sharing, we'll show you how.



How it works:

  • Reach out and tell us what you need to accomplish with your story. 
  • We’ll match you with a workshop, one-on-one session or business collaboration, and provide you with a quote. 
  • We’ll set up a time to meet and start working together. 


Take a class. Group workshops and one-on-one coaching for performance, leadership, and personal development. 

Tell stories at work.  Storytelling and public speaking for you and your business. Professional doesn’t have to mean droll. 

See a show.  Storytelling events at Shot Tower Coffee in Philadelphia and beyond.