Storytelling Workshops

Everyone has a story to tell – whether it is about your own personal background and interests, or the story of your work or organization. Tell Me A Story workshops dive deeper into what makes a good story and how to communicate a message to your audience.

Testimonials from Past Students

I can’t believe how much I learned in just 4 hours! The workshop was very efficient and effective. I appreciated that though it was geared towards professional development, it was a ton of fun. It not only taught me how to communicate clearly and in compelling ways, but also how to be yourself while doing so.
— Sonya
[I feel] vastly more confident than I was aware...Tell Me A Story’s session was a great start to the day.
— Lydia
You do this...all of you! It’s not just for performers but anyone who tells a story when talking. All of us!
— Cecily
It opened my eyes to aspects of constructing a story I wasn’t aware of before.
— Rudy

Join us for a half-day professional development workshop in Center City, Philadelphia. 

Collaborative communication skills for the modern leader.

Effective communication leads to human connection and better collaboration. Through group exercises, self guided worksheets, and one-on-one coaching, participants will use the basic concepts of storytelling to craft a personal narrative that serves as a leadership tool. This is a half-day immersion into the art, craft and science of impactful storytelling. Each participant will leave with a 5 minute story that they’ve workshopped and shared with the workshop group. You will also receive next step strategies for further preparation and implementation.

Limited to 10 participants. Breakfast and snacks included. 

We also offer 1:1 Story Coaching sessions in-person and online. 

1:1 story coaching sessions will get you the authentic first-person narrative and the polished performance you are looking for. Are you preparing to pitch? Giving a Ted Talk, or holding an impromptu meeting with a prospective client? Or are you looking to give it your all at a upcoming open mic storytelling event? Dive deeper into the personal experiences that connect with the message or brand - whether professional or personal. 

Online Classes

Here are our current offerings:

Tell Your Story: Crafting an Authentic Elevator Pitch That Works

In this 12 minute class, I'll provide you with the tools to create an elevator pitch that tells your story. From here on out, we'll call this the Story Pitch. I'll take you through a simple, 3-step process to draft a Story Pitch that you can use for job interviews, networking events, and off-the-cuff conversations. 

By the end of this class, students will have a written draft of their Story Pitch that they will put into practice. 

Origin Stories: Crafting Your Personal Narrative

Everyone needs an Origin Story. Cultivating and sharing a true experience from your life will help you to communicate and connect like never before. Use this story in job interviews, at networking events, and public presentations.