Your voice and your story are powerful. 

Harness them to connect in a more human way. 



We train entrepreneurs, start-up leaders, and those looking to leave a bigger footprint on the world, how to find their voice and share their unique story with honesty and passion. We help them connect with peers, clients, colleagues, and investors in a more human way. 


We offer small group workshops and one-on-one coaching to help you communicate with honesty and sincerity. Find the right balance of strength and vulnerability in your communication.

Upcoming Workshops — Calm Confidence: Finding Your Unique Voice and Communicating with Ease (March 4th) and Crafting Your Personal Narrative (begins March 23rd)

We offer interactive presentations and keynotes, team building retreats, and strategic storytelling consulting. Bring authenticity, confidence, and connection to the table with clients, colleagues, and customers.


There is power in sharing your personal experience. We host live events featuring a community of storytellers. Watch our library of stories from past shows, and join us in-person as an audience member or performer.