Top Ten TMAS Stories of 2015

What a fantastic year for stories! Tell Me A Story celebrates just a handful of moments that made 2015 so grand. 

In no particular order, here is our Top Ten Storytelling moments of 2015:

1. Amanda Damron's story about a local comic troupe love triangle from the March 18th Tell Me A Story: Fight or Flight at Shot Tower Coffee. Be sure to check out Amanda's web series We Don't Need Permission on YouTube

2.  Tell Me A Story ran nine workshops for individuals in 2015. Throughout the year, 52 people took our classes and worked on stories for performance, public speaking, career building and personal development. Check out our workshops page for info on our upcoming classes, including Storytelling 101 in January. 

3. Rashomon at Five Dollar Comedy Week. This year Tell Me A Story developed a new show based on the premise of the Kurosawa film to share the multi-faceted story of one single event. Check out the entire performance and hear the many versions of the story of a Robbins' Family seder that resulted in an unexpected stabbing. 

4. Mike Fenn told a story about his personal quest to bring a Cheesecake Factory to Center City Philadelphia during our July food themed show. Get ready to laugh for 7 minutes straight. 

5. All of the stories from our September Tell Me A Story: School Days show deserve to be on this Top Ten, so we're putting them all under the same item. You can watch stories from Dave Terruso, Nisse Greenberg, Cecily Chapman, Sydney Hernandez, Ted Passon, Martha Cooney, Hillary Rea, and T.J. Hurley over on our Vimeo Channel in the September 2015 Album

6. We just had to share another story from our March 18th Fight or Flight show. Alexa Moreschi first worked on this story about her life threatening internship at a rental car company in a Tell Me A Story workshop and we knew she had to share it with an audience at a future show.

7. The 2015 Bullish Conference. Back in October, founder Hillary Rea presented at this annual women's conference run by Jennifer Dziura. Hillary led a workshop on turning an elevator pitch into a story that is authentically you. For more information on the workshop and the conference, check out this blog post

8. Tell Me A Story's sister show Fibber relaunched in August to a sold out crowd at PhilaMOCA. Stories from each performer and a full length video of the event are on Vimeo. In the meantime, check out the highlight reel below. We look forward to more Fibber special events in 2016. 

9. Photographer Zia Hiltey first posted this story on her Instagram page and it fit perfectly into the theme of our 4 year Anniversary Show, Good Luck. Zia finds a whole lotta cash near a whole bunch of cheesesteaks. 

10. Tell Me A Story collaborated with the Pennsylvania Innocence Project on their annual fundraising event back in May. In addition to hosting the ceremony, Tell Me A Story worked with honorees to help them share their stories to an audience of PaIP supporters and exonerees. The event also featured a TMAS Story Station where anyone in attendance could share their story and document it on film. Check out our shorter Story Station video below. 

We look forward to a great year ahead. Happy New Year everyone.