Entrepreneur Notes: Simplifying the Menu

Last month I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the number of small group workshops that I offered through Tell Me A Story. The way my business is set up, I only ever run one workshop at a time, but in theory I could rotate between three Deep Dive workshops (it takes place over a month to 6 weeks and meets 4 times total) and two Master Classes (two hour one-off sessions) and then I have these two hybrid offerings PLUS my 1-on-1 sessions with clients. Is your head spinning reading this? Mine certainly was.

During my peak overwhelm, I was working with my graphic designer on creating Instagram images for each workshop (plus the coaching and the hybrids) and I could not keep track of the names, what type of service is what, and what brand color needed to coordinate. Not only was I confusing my offerings, I got lost in the scheduling of this or that, and the idea of how I was going to launch all of the things.

And at the same time I had several conversations where I ended up saying:

"If it was up to me, I'd only teach Crafting Your Personal Narrative. Every single ideal TMAS client will benefit from this offering, learn all of the tools and techniques needed to grow, and then they can grow even more from there with other TMAS workshops or 1-on-1's"

If it was up to me??!?! I run my own business. It is up to me!

So I made the shift.

I said good-bye to my Cheesecake Factory menu and said hello to a Chef Tasting menu instead.

Now all new TMAS clients have three menu items to choose from:

Option 1: You can take a session of Crafting Your Personal Narrative - a three part Deep Dive workshop that explores a meaningful way to answer the question “How did you get to where you are now?” and turns a story inside of you into an opportunity for personal + professional growth and genuine connection. For the time being these will run six times a year on the same bi-monthly schedule as our Live Shows (Jan., March, May, July, Sept., Nov.)

Option 2: You can sign on for 3, 6, or 12 months of 1-on-1 coaching. Whether you have an immediate need or a long-term goal, our one-on-one coaching services take a structured yet collaborative approach to developing your storytelling skills. You also have the option of adding on three 1-on-1 sessions to your Crafting Your Personal Narrative experience.

Option 3: And last but certainly not least -- we have Creating a Brand Story. This is a hybrid of coaching and consulting and perfect for any founder (or pair of co-founders) who is looking to start, pivot, or grow a business and want to align their brand story with their personal narrative. You will sit down for a 90 minute audio recorded interview and from that interview I will pull out the story (or stories) that will work best for your current brand needs. I will then help you to strategize (and practice) a spoken version of this brand story and help you with next steps for sharing it like (e.g. via a video, podcast or handing it off to a copy writer). You also have the option of adding on a fully produced 5 minute audio version of your story. This is where I combine my personal narrative expertise and my audio documentary expertise (shout out to my podcast, Rashomon). It's a fun (and unique) way to put your story out into the world.

I am thrilled to bits that I've simplified my business to focus on the three service offerings that I feel most passionate about. The work is still deep, still focused to solve your biggest communication challenges, and will lead to personal and professional growth in a way that only TMAS can provide. Let's do this!