Mary Rayer's Top Ten TMAS Stories of 2018

From our Fall 2018 intern Mary Rayer:

It’s hard to believe my time at Tell Me A Story is ending. One of my favorite parts of this internship was helping at the live show (shout out to Shot Tower Coffee, you’re all wonderful!) Thank you to everyone I met in the community for being so kind and welcoming. In closing, here are my top 10 stories (in alphabetical order) from 2018, including some of my favorite quotes and random commentary.   

Kathleen shares that moment in adulthood, when you start to realize you are actually becoming your parents.  

Steven walks us through his story of love and war and everything in between. “War has marked every generation, hasn't it?” - Steven Davison

After listening to Andy’s story,  all I can think about is what the heck does a tuna sundae look like?

You love it. I love it. We’re talking ice cream… Little Baby’s Ice Cream. Mmmm. Yes Karen Johnson, I agree when you say, “ice cream is a feeling.”

This cherry lip gloss/flip flop wearing “thing” called Tammy, tried to killed Yvonne but spoiler alert, Yvonne prevails. This story made me feel so many things and I bet you’ll feel them too.

The best tip I’ve received before I leave for my trip abroad: never trust the information desk. Thank you, Sabina!

My 2018 mood as told by Abby Mosconi, “I was going to get off my ass and find myself again.”

Alyssa shares the ultimate 21st birthday experience. Some people forget the night of their 21st but Alyssa will definitely remember hers.

The powerful testimony of Randie Welles and her journey of unraveling a family tree.  

Adam Zahn wants you to check your food before you eat it. You know...just in case your parents are trying to kill you.