People respond to people who know themselves, who are authentic, who can communicate their emotions and who they are, that’s how we connect.
— Jenny Yang

About one-on-one coaching:

We customize your sessions to meet your communication goals and build on the strengths you already have as a storyteller and speaker.

With our founder's background in vocal performance, we structure each one hour session like a private music lesson. You will go through a series of warm-up exercises, dive deep into storytelling techniques, and work on repertoire to expand your public speaking arsenal. If you are looking to overcome stage fright and work on your stage presence, we will help you with that as well. 

Our sessions are offered in three month sprints. If you are new to working with us, this allows you the time and space to build a foundation of storytelling, rooted in your Origin Story. You will work on fine-tuning a storytelling preparation process and performance style that feels comfortable for you. And you will create an action plan that helps you to weave personal narrative into your everyday communication needs. Every client has the opportunity to customize their sessions to meet their professional and personal goals. Continuing clients have the choice of working on specific public speaking projects and expanding their repertoire of stories, beyond the ones gathered and brainstormed in their initial three month sprint. 

We are not just light. We are not just darkness. We are everything.
— Yumi Sakugawa

You will take six sessions (two per month) within a three month time frame. You will have some light homework in between sessions. At the end of the three months, there is opportunity to continue working together. Sessions take place in-person in Center City, Philadelphia or online via Zoom video call. You can take all six of your sessions in-person, all six over video call, or a mixture of both. 

People who wade into discomfort and vulnerability, and tell the truth about their stories, are the real badasses.
— Brené Brown

Coaching logistics:


Tell Your Story: Public Speaking and Personal Narrative

one-on-one coaching with Hillary Rea

Commitment: 6 sessions (to be completed in three months)

Location: WeWork 1601 Market Street, Philadelphia or online via Zoom video call

Total Investment: $3,150 (three monthly payments of $1,050)

Includes -

  • 6 hours of private coaching with Tell Me A Story founder, Hillary Rea.

  • Unlimited pre-speaking engagement warm-up calls.

  • A TMAS notebook and pen, and printed worksheets

  • Unlimited email communication for questions, brainstorms and pep talks.

  • Option to audio record in-person sessions and video record Zoom sessions

Note: We have a limited number of one-on-one client spots each quarter. 

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Laughter is not our medicine. Stories hold our cure. Laughter is just the honey that sweetens the bitter medicine.
— Hannah Gadsby