Professional doesn’t have to mean dull. 

Say farewell to boring power point presentations, rambling introductions and mundane conversations about the weather. Say hello to storytelling.

We will help you find a comfortable, confident, and energizing way to communicate with clients, colleagues, and customers.

What we offer:

Interactive presentations and keynotes perfect for conferences, breakout sessions, department lunch and learns, and continuing education for your professional networks.

Company storytelling retreats for deep team-building, communication strategy and leadership training. Available as a one day or two day retreat, with the option for 1x1 coaching sessions to follow.

Storytelling consulting for start-ups, branded podcasts, sales strategies, company-client communication, and more.


Companies we've worked with:

I came in thinking I wanted to use these tools to be a better marketer. I still do. But, getting to know my co-workers better was much more rewarding.
— Dave, Penn Jersey Paper Company

Hillary with a group from PwC at a Lunch and Learn event.

Hillary with a group from PwC at a Lunch and Learn event.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about the program, how it related to the conference and what the outcomes would be... By the end of the workshop I had crafted a story that thread through my professional and personal journey, a story that I tell again and again to advocate for my organization and for the arts.

When I look back at the experience, I think the most interesting take away is the imprint the story that I crafted has left on me. The process itself is an exercise in reflection and because of that it really resonates.
— Tracy, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance