Creating a Brand Story
for You and Your Business

Discover the story of your business, how it connects to your personal brand story, and learn how to share it with impact.

“So, what do you do?” It’s the number one conversation starter at most events – and provokes the most internal eye rolls. But how would we feel if we had an exciting answer – a real story to tell? People are motivated and intrigued by big ideas, by the stories of how we got to where we are now – not by your title, the name of your company, what you sell, or the cut and dry description of your business.

How It Works

Creating a Brand Story For You and Your Business is a hybrid of coaching and consulting to develop your company’s Origin Story. The TMAS team begins by conducting an introductory 90-minute interview with you and your co-founders. From there, we develop your story then fine tune it with you during a follow-up strategy session. You will walk away with a fully baked brand story – one that you can use for all of your public speaking needs. We can also help you turn it over to a copy writer for any marketing needs. As an add-on, we produce a five minute audio version (see below for examples) of the story for your website, social media or podcast.   

+ Workshop Overview

Creating a Brand Story will help you:

  • Deliver a consistent, yet personalized brand story as a founder or co-founder of a company.
  • Share your company story across all of your platforms
  • Find an outside-of-the-box angle to your story that will set you apart from your competitors.
  • Discover the links between your personal life experiences and the mission, vision and values of your brand.
  • Cultivate the most memorable version of your company story.
  • Showcase your strengths, accomplishments, and journey as the person(s) behind the brand.
  • Strategize the best ways to share this story as an ambassador of your own brand.

You will receive:

  • An annotated transcript of your Brand Story interview.
  • A step-by-step strategy for putting your Brand Story out there, including an individual approach for each co-founder.
  • Recommendations for copy writers, videographers, and social media strategists to translate your Brand Story for marketing.
  • Preparation techniques and a practice process to get your Brand Story public speaking ready.
  • A unique audio story to bring your Brand Story to life in an intimate way (Note: the brand audio story is an add-on).

How much time do I need to commit?

You only need the time allotted for the interview and the strategy session (3 hours total). If you are choosing to add on the fully produced audio story, you might need to reserve a bit of extra time for some additional audio recording. We have a 30 day turnaround for all Creating a Brand Story deliverables.

+ Who Should Take This Workshop

This workshop is right for you if:

  • You are a small business owner who needs to articulate the story of your service or product and the Origin Story that started it all.
  • You have a co-founder and you need to tell each individual's story of the journey to starting your business with a partner.
  • You are launching a crowd-funding campaign for a new business venture or product and you need a story for your fundraising video.
  • You need your brand story for an "About" page, a pitch deck, and for in-person meetings with investors.
  • You don't have time to do all of the brainstorming and story crafting work on your own.
  • You know that this story will be used all over the place -- across digital platforms, in podcast interviews, for public speaking purposes, and in marketing campaigns.
  • You want to stand out from your competitors with a non-narrated audio piece that tells the story of you and your company.

What if I don't live in Philadelphia?

If you live outside of the Greater Philadelphia area, don't fret. We can work with you over Zoom video conference and via email. If you wanted to add on the fully produced audio story, we will conduct something called a Tape Sync. This means that we will send a professional audio producer to your location to record high quality audio of your Brand Story interview. We will use that recording when editing your story in audio form.

+ What It Costs

Option 1: $1,500 (or two installments of $750)


  • One 90 minute recorded interview session
  • One 90 minute follow-up Story Strategy session


  • An annotated transcript of your audio interview
  • Brand Story outline
  • Brand Story Strategy

Option 2: $3,000 (or two installments of $1,500)


  • One 90 minute recorded interview session
  • One 90 minute follow-up Story Strategy session
  • Additional audio recording time (if necessary)


  • An annotated transcript of your audio interview
  • Brand Story outline
  • Brand Story Strategy
  • 5 minute non-narrated audio story


How is this different from Crafting Your Personal Narrative?

Creating a Brand Story For You and Your Business is different in both format and how it can meet your needs. If you are a busy founder or co-founder and you do not want to invest the time in taking a hands-on workshop like CYPN, then this is the option for you. When it comes to crafting your brand story, we do all of the heavy lifting. We just ask that you are present and open during our 90 minute interview session. That is where we will get the bulk of the content needed to develop your story further.

Where does the workshop take place?

We will work with you in-person at our Center City Philadelphia office. If you are outside of the Greater Philadelphia Area, we will conduct both 90 minute sessions over Zoom video conference. If you are adding on the audio story, we will send an audio producer to you to record professional grade audio for your story. Between your interview session and your story strategy session, we will also communicate with you over email.

Who produces the audio story?

TMAS Founder, Hillary Rea will fully produce your audio Brand Story. She is holds a certificate in audio documentary from Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies and is the producer and host of the podcast Rashomon. In the rare instance that Hillary is not available to make produce your story, we have a network of audio storytelling professionals at our fingertips and will make sure to match you with the right person.

When can I sign up?

Creating a Brand Story is an ongoing offering for us. We reserve a certain amount of spots per month to do this work. If we are unable to fit you in the same month as you apply, we will make sure to fit you in the following month.

Why is there an application?

We'd love to work with you. But due to our busy schedule, we need to make sure that you and your business are a right fit for this service. The application questions are also there for you to make sure that we are a right fit for you. Ready to apply? You can do so here.

Where else can I learn more about Creating a Brand Story?

If you still have any lingering questions you can always schedule a call with Hillary to figure out if this workshop is right for you.


We are currently taking on Brand Story clients for Fall 2019.

Location: In-person in Philadelphia or virtually over Zoom video conference

I often tell my clients to trust the process, and with Hillary, I felt like I could completely trust her and her creative process. Hillary’s personable approach allows for the intimacy that enhances one’s ability to tell a story with vulnerability and conviction.
— Peter


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Audio Brand Stories

You can check out TMAS Founder Hillary Rea’s most recent audio storytelling work by listening to her podcast, Rashomon.