Frequently Asked Questions

for Master Classes and Deep Dive Workshops

General Workshop Questions:

+How do I know which workshop is right for me?

Good question! Head over to our homepage and scroll halfway down. You will see the area that says "LET US HELP: TELL US YOUR CHALLENGE, AND WE'LL OFFER THE SOLUTION." Click on the button that resonates the most with you and it will take you to a workshop page that will help you solve your problem. Still unsure? You can always schedule a call with Hillary to find the right fit.

+There is more than one workshop that interests me. Are they all similar in content and format?

Each TMAS workshop is designed as an individual experience. You are encouraged to sign up for more than one! Crafting Your Personal Narrative is our signature workshop in that it will help you to build a foundation in the work. But it is in no way a pre-requisite. Our Master Class workshops are much much shorter and focus in on one or two exercises. Deep Dives explore a full topic from all sides (e.g. presentations, elevator pitches, and personal narrative) and push you toward a personal and/or professional transformation.

+Can I wait until the day of the workshop to register?

No. All participants must register in advance of the workshop. Due to our small group size, they will likely sell out.

+Is it possible to set up a payment plan for the workshop?

We give every participant the option of paying for the workshop in three installments. The first installment is due upon registering and the remaining installments will automatically charge your same method of payment in two three week intervals. Check the main workshop page for the links to register.

+How large is the group size for workshops?

All of our workshops are done in a small group setting and range between 6-12 participants.

+Where is my workshop taking place?

Our Master Classes and Deep Dives take place at several venues throughout the city of Philadelphia. Please refer to each workshop page for specific venue locations. If you are registered for a workshop, you will receive an email with location and building access information prior to the start of the session.

+What do I need to bring with me to a workshop?

You really only need to bring yourself! We will have pens, notebooks, and worksheets for you. A lot of our exercises involve writing things out by hand. If this is an issue for your wrists, feel free to bring a tablet or laptop. If you are registered for a Deep Dive, you will need a computer/tablet/smart phone with a camera and high speed internet for the two Story Lab sessions. These are conducted through a website called Zoom. In advance of each Story Lab, you will get instructions on how to access these virtual sessions.

+My company reimburses me for professional development opportunities. Does this count?

Yes! We teach both the art and the practical application of storytelling as a communication tool. Our specialty is helping you discover and share the stories that wills serve you professionally. We have had several past workshop participants and one-on-one clients get their company to cover the cost. If you need any additional documentation to provide to your employer, just reach out.

+Do you offer scholarships for the workshops?

We have one scholarship slot per workshop that reduces your total investment by 50%. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, reach out to us.

Master Class Questions:

+What is a Master Class?

Our Master Class is a 2-hour, in-person, and with a slightly larger group than the Deep Dives. This is a great way to dip your toes into a genuine approach to personal and professional communication & the art of storytelling. These sessions include all supplies, food, and a follow-up lesson via email. Like our Deep Dives, you have the option of taking your communication skills to the next level and continue your work with Hillary by adding on three 60 minute one-on-one sessions.

+Will there be food?

Yes! We will have dinner for you and lots of La Croix.

+I have a meeting that runs into the start time of the workshop. Can I still attend?

To get the most out of the experience, we encourage you to join us in class for the full two hours. However, we will allow a 15 minute grace period for arrival.

Deep Dive Workshop Questions:

+What is a Deep Dive?

It is an experience in three parts: a Small Group Intensive, two Story Labs, and a one-on-one Story Strategy session.

Part One: Our workshops begin with a full day, Small Group Intensive. It’s a fun, comfortable, and open space to develop your unique voice, build a deeper connection to your genuine self and to every one else in the room. You will work together as one cohort, split off into pairs, and use self-guided exercises to brainstorm, craft, and experiment with your story. In the latter half of this session, you will share your story in front of the group, receiving one-on-one feedback from Hillary and your peers.

Part Two: After the small group intensive, you will meet with your cohort for two 90 minute Story Labs. Join Hillary and your new workshop friends over Zoom video conference to fine-tune your story. You will receive additional feedback, and learn from listening to the other stories in the group.

Part Three: You workshop experience ends with a 30 minute one-on-one Story Strategy Session with Hillary, over Zoom, to tell your story once more and build out a plan to share it, beyond the Tell Me A Story classroom.

Want more? You also have the option of taking your communication skills to the next level and continue your work with Hillary by adding on three 60 minute one-on-one sessions.

+I can attend the Small Group Intensive but am not available for both Story Lab sessions. Should I still sign-up?

Although it is highly encouraged that you attend both Story Lab sessions, as a follow-up to your Small Group Intensive, you can still register for the workshop and only attend one. We will record each Story Lab make the videos available to the full cohort. Keep in mind, that your presence will only make the group stronger.

+How do I schedule either my 30 min one-on-one session or my three additional one-on-one sessions?

At the end of the first Story Lab session, Hillary will send out a link to a calendar to schedule our one-on-one sessions. We block out a certain amount of time slots each month for you to schedule. If you cannot make any of those time slots, we’ll work with you to find a time that fits both of our schedules.

+Will there be food?

We will have lunch, light snacks and lots of La Croix. If you are someone who needs coffee or tea in the morning, please bring it with you.

+I have an appointment that cuts into the Small Group Intensive. Can I arrive late or dip out early?

No. This workshop requires that you be there for the full duration of the Small Group Intensive. We open the doors at 9:30am and give everyone a 30 minute window to arrive, eat snacks, and get settled. The workshop will begin promptly at 10am and we will need everyone there and ready to go by then. We will end right at 4:00pm and expect everyone to stay through to the end.