You don’t need to play by anyone else’s rules to learn how to communicate more effectively.

You have everything you need inside of you.


Find your story, develop your unique voice and take your communication skills to the next level.

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Crafting Your Personal Narrative

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Begins on January 12, 2019!

It begins with telling your Origin Story. This type of story is a strategic, creative, and meaningful way to answer the question, “How did you get to where you are now?” — whether you run your own business, are looking to tell the story of your career path (including its twists and turns), or want to find the right balance of strength and vulnerability in your communication.

Hillary facilitated an extremely supportive, yet rigorous environment, which allowed us to design and perform what I considered to be very strong stories in a short amount of time. It was moving to watch my fellow participants in this self-actualizing process and to be a part of it!
— Sonya, Museum of Modern Art


We customize your sessions to meet your communication goals and build on the strengths you already have as a storyteller and speaker.

Now booking clients to begin in January 2019. 

My experience with Hillary was really impactful. Her structured and collaborative approach allowed me to really fine tune my business storytelling skills. I loved how she interspersed a variety of exercises to make the learning more experiential. As a result of my 1:1 sessions with Hillary I was able to deliver two keynote speeches in a much more engaging and powerful manner. I highly recommend working with her!
— Deb, Microsoft