Sound Like A Leader

If you’re in a leadership position, but don’t quite feel like a leader, let us help.

So often, women in particular don’t feel they are “ready” when they’re offered a promotion. If you’re suffering from a case of imposter syndrome (and really, who isn’t at some point?) after taking on a leadership role, this workshop will help you own your abilities, gain confidence, and learn how to communicate like the leader you are.

How It Works

In this two-hour, in-person Master Class* we will break down the basics of how to tap into your authentic voice to better project authority, confidence and leadership. You will build a set of communication tools that will influence and inspire people and help you to lead as your true self.

Please note: This workshop is for returning clients. As a pre-requisite you must complete our signature workshop Crafting Your Personal Narrative or at least three months of 1-on-1 Coaching.

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What it Costs

Option 1: $250 (or three installments of $90*) Includes:

  • 2 hours of workshop time

  • All workshop supplies including notebooks, pens, and printed worksheets

  • Snacks and LaCroix

  • Follow-up lesson over e-mail



Location: TBD in Philadelphia, PA


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Sound Like a Leader: Breath and Voice