In honor of the various pop culture yearly round-ups that circle around the World Wide Web this time of year, we present to you our favorite stories from 2017. Here's to a fruitful year of stories in 2018. We're back at Shot Tower Coffee on Wednesday, January 17th for a live storytelling event on the theme Renewal

I go to an exercise studio on the 4th floor of an office building. The lobby is tiny with not too much foot traffic. The elevators are slow and I usually have a good five minutes of waiting for one to arrive. Peter is the front desk associate. He’s in his 50’s or 60s and is always smiling and says “Hi, how are you today?” In most situations, this questions prompts my launch into a story of how my day has actually been and then inviting a story a return.

Whether you are a public figure or a first time public speaker, you can use stories from your own life — your failures AND your successes -- to engage and connect with your audience. Deliver a message, your data, or historical fact in a way that will make us stick with you.